LifeCurve™ Public

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Empowers people to self-manage their own ageing, which in the medium to long-term, will maximise independence and reduce care needs (and associated costs) for both the individual and health and social care organisations. The impact on the healthy ageing of the population will bring long-term benefits to the area.

Activity is instantly synced between both services

LifeCurve™ Pro

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Supports staff in health and social care organisations to improve the independence of those they work with, by helping staff to identify specific activities, services or products. The website can be used to run independent/office-based assessments, allow carers to support clients to do exercises that improves their independence, as well as perform telephone assessments. These services can reduce care costs, or reduce waiting lists and frees up professionals’ time to focus on more complex cases.

Keeping Healthy and Safe - supporting the community of LifeCurve™ users across the websites and app

Keeping Healthy and Safe

Keeping healthy in later life has been shown, in many studies, to depend upon lifestyle. For instance, there is a large body of evidence to support the beneficial effects of a healthy diet and regular, appropriate exercise. Good personal hygiene is also essential to healthy ageing and this has become particularly important during the current pandemic health crisis.

We are gathering some information in this section of the website to help you keep healthy and safe. One of the sections shows videos of exercises. There are a huge number of exercises available on the internet, but very few that take account of what happens to our abilities as we age. The videos we include are put together by experts who understand this, and that is why we are endorsing them.

A major feature of the ADL Smartcare offering is an easily understandable structure that identifies problems with performing activities of daily life and suggests either exercises to restore function, or equipment to compensate for this. This approach, using the LifeCurve™, is based on research at Newcastle University showing how we decline as we age. Using this framework, we can help people age well and maximise their independence.

While this decline is ultimately inevitable, in many cases, simple exercises can alleviate problems, particularly in the early stages. For instance, difficulty in cutting toenails is very frequently the first problem encountered and it can usually be overcome by appropriate stretching exercises.

The LifeCurve™ assessment tool is easy to use and people are advised to carry out a regular self-assessment to identify functional difficulties before they become too serious to remedy by simple exercises.

Our healthy ageing services have over 6,000 years of combined professional knowledge integrated from day one.

We have spent thousands of hours with more than 300 independent professionals and experts to create a unique knowledge-base of personalised advice.

We have helped over 100,000 individuals and have facilitated over 250,000 assessments to date.