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You can increase or reduce the size of the text by clicking the up or down buttons on the toolbar at the top of the ADL Smartcare website. The text can be increased by up to 3x its original size.

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Click this button to change to a different typeface. There is a choice between serif, sans-serif and comic sans fonts.

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The ADL Smartcare Limited website has a variety of different themes to choose from including a high-contrast colour scheme. You can also view the website in a text-only format.

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The reading ruler is to assist you with reading the website. The ruler will follow the movements of your mouse cursor, covering the space above and below to make it easier to read one line at a time.

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For blind and visually impaired users we recommend NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), a free "screen reader" application which reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. This tool can be used on a variety of different programmes on your computer - not just your web browser or the Smartcare website.

You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.

Click on the screen reader icon on the tool bar for more information and a link to download the programme on to your computer.

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How we help - Frank's Story

Frank has noticed that walking to the shops is beginning to become a challenge.

It is making him anxious about how much he will be able to do as he gets older.

Frank's Local Authority is seeing a huge increase in demand to support people like Frank and those who don't meet the current eligibility criteria.

The ADL Platform delivers a dedicated, 24/7 secure online service for ADL Smartcare's trusted knowledge apps. Frank's Local Authority subscribed to the platform, so could offer a dedicated localised platform in Frank's area. Find out more about the ADL Platform

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank was also struggling to hold normal cutlery.

Frank was worrying when eating out with his friends, so gradually stopped going out to his regular lunches.

Frank's Local Authority subscribed to the Self-Management Knowledge Apps which enabled individual's like Frank to completed supported self-help assessments.

The Local Authority also subscribed to the Telephone Knowledge Apps and Clinic Knowledge Apps to enable the staff of the authority to perform standardised assessments and reduce waiting lists.

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How we help - Frank's Story

Frank’s granddaughter knows of a website that helps people live a healthier, happier and more active life.

The online ADL Platform addresses issues with independence and ageing.

Frank's daughter saw the website on a tablet in a local library. The library staff attended a training session held by the council with support of ADL Smartcare. As a part of implementing ADL Smartcare's services in as little as 12 weeks, a dedicated account manager is on hand with support and best practice examples on getting the most from the service.

Our aim is to build awareness of active ageing to reduce the burden on UK public services. Reaching people early can positively impact how the general population ages.

Find out how your can have self-help in 12 weeks

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank uses the website together with the help of his granddaughter, creating a secure account to help him understand his ageing journey.

The ADL LifeCurve™ is based on research from ADL Smartcare's Research base, located at Newcastle University Institute for Ageing.

Frank's Local Authority has subscribed to the Localisation of the ADL LifeCurve™ and Insight, so has access to their local population along the ADL LifeCurve™. This helps the authority to target budgets and localise services at key points on the ADL LifeCurve™.

ADL Smartcare is working with National Governments to position their population. This includes programmes such as Scotland's Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme (AILIP).

Find out more about our work with AILIP (

How we help - Frank's Story

The website provides trusted advice and recommends simple exercises to build up Frank's walking endurance, so that he regains his ability and confidence to walk to the shops.

The Local Authority has worked with ADL Smartcare to customise the information provided after Frank has completed the ADL LifeCurve™. There is already early evidence demonstrating the long-term impact of our approach, from a long-standing local authority partner of ADL Smartcare. The median stay in residential care is significantly lower than the UK national average and is still declining.

Median stay in care

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank also completed the "I have difficulty holding and using my cutlery" supported self-help assessment through the site and was recommended cutlery which is easier to hold.

ADL Smartcare has worked with hundreds of professionals across the UK and internationally to capture professional best practice advice.

Expert knowledge gathered over 13 years supports ADL Smartcare’s unique 24/7 service, where people can access specific advice around less complex problems, that mirrors what would be provided if they visited a professional.

The ADL Platform

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank followed the advice and regularly completes the exercises that were recommended, and can now get out to the shops on his own confidently without the use of his walking stick.

He is feeling much more positive and less anxious about his future.

By improving Frank's ageing journey, the Local Authority can also make significant savings on Frank's long term care costs.

By helping others like Frank, the UK government can monitor how Local Authorities manage ageing and support the bench marking of excellence to improve services overall.

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank has also started eating out with his friends again with his own cutlery.(Loneliness can be as harmful for our health, as smoking 10 cigarettes a day.)

Frank was happy to be able to socialise more, which improved his overall well-being.

One of Frank's friends visited an ADL Smartcare clinic run by the Local Authority in an independent living centre.

Two community care workers can see 10 individuals in a day using the professional, segregated and secure web site. Clinics allow support workers to carry out assessments, supported by the expert knowledge in ADL Smartcare’s system.

This can replace the need for home visits, allowing professionals to focus their time on more complex cases.

Learn more about clinics

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank regularly logs back in to update his ADL LifeCurve™ to see how he is doing.

Frank can access new advice and find help that is locally available as his needs change, to help him live better for longer.

As Frank maintains his ADL LifeCurve™ through the website, the Local Authority can have unique oversight of how their local population is ageing. They can then target specific advice to impact that ageing.

As Frank and others update their ADL LifeCurves™, a realtime network of ADL LifeCurves™ is established and the data produced, provides insight on how to improve aging and reduce overall care costs.

About the ADL Platform

How we help - Frank's Story

Frank's granddaughter and wife have helped Frank use the website and have also become aware of how their activity impacts their ageing and independence.

Through education and raising awareness of active ageing, combined with trusted advice, together we can redefine ageing and make the lives of millions of people better.

Frank's friend George needed a blue badge. So George rang the council and the request was dealt with using ADL Smartcare's Telephone assessment service and the Blue Badge App.

By adding fast track services such as telephone and clinic assessments, a local authority can reduce the waiting lists for a home visit or other professional assessment.


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