About ADL Smartcare

Based in Sheffield and Newcastle
18 years
in business
250,000+ assessments completed
Over 5,000 unique solutions
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Our History


Company founded

ADL Smartcare was formed, in partnership with Bradford MDC, to transform how adult health and social care meets the needs of their population and to improve the independence and well-being of individuals.

First session to gather expert knowledge

Since 2002 we have been collecting independent professional best practice advice which is then converted into our unique knowledge base so that it is available to individuals or staff.


First prototype clinic service launched

We released our first prototype Staff Access website. This was delivered as software as a service to support Occupational Therapist Assistants in performing 20 office-based assessments, rather than home assessments, for straightforward cases.


Staff Access Website converted into an enterprise class service

Our prototype staff access website was converted into an enterprise class software, delivered as a software as a service.


Expansion of the clinic model

Bradford City Council and Walsall Council began running office-based assessments. This dramatically increased the number of people who can be helped without home visits and enabled Occupational Therapists to concentrate on complex cases.


First supported
self-help website launched

As a part of the self-assessment government project and in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Kingston, the staff access website was converted into a citizen access website. Individuals could access the same specific expert help and advice 24/7 through a website providing specific advice to help people stay independent in the community.


Computing Award won

Community Project of the Year with Bradford City Council – innovation around self-help for managing independence. (These awards are now called BCS IT Industry Awards)


TCES Contract

Department of Health awarded the contract for the management and hosting of the national catalogue and tariff to ADL Smartcare. ADL Smartcare also maintained the generic product specifications, a database of accredited retailers and a list of participating councils/NHS partners.


ADL Research office opened

The ADL Research office opened at Newcastle University and has helped develop the evidence-based research which underpins ADL Smartcare’s services.


LifeCurve™ launched

The LifeCurve™ was integrated into the Citizen Access and Staff Access Websites. The ADL Smartcare team converted the evidence based framework into a consumer offering across all UK partner sites. LifeCurve™s can be taken anytime, anywhere.

International collaboration

ADL Smartcare were involved in the AgeWell Canada project looking at the feasibility and work involved in cultural translation of ADL Smartcare’s unique advice to the Canadian consumer, from an academic point of view.


Scottish National LifeCurve™ Survey

The survey was conducted across every Allied Health Professional working in Adult Health and Social Care across Scotland. In one month over 8500 LifeCurve™ surveys were completed so that the Scottish Government could understand where the workforce was intervening.


LifeCurve™ pilot in a domiciliary care setting

ADL Smartcare worked closely with Eclipse Homecare to position an individual on the LifeCurve™ before, during and after they took part in reactivation exercises with a care giver. The results showed a 15% reduction in care and improved independence of the individual.

CFD research published

The research behind the Compression of Functional Decline was published in Age and Ageing. More information can be found here.

LifeCurve™ App Launch in Edinburgh

ADL Smartcare launched the LifeCurve™ in a mobile and tablet app with integrated exercises from Later Life Training. The app is the first step into the Healthy Ageing Digital Service which contains the unique knowledge based collected since 2002 to impact an individual’s LifeCurve™ position.


Healthy Ageing Digital Service available on G-Cloud 11

The new Healthy Ageing Digital Service is available on the G-Cloud 11 framework which has the LifeCurve™ Insight as a base product and self-help starting at £8,000 pa.


Research Department moves in to The Catalyst

ADL Smartcare's Research Department moves in to The Catalyst, part of the groundbreaking Helix complex in Newcastle. The Catalyst is home to the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing and the National Innovation Centre for Data.

Meet some of the team

Peter Gore CEO, Managing Director and co-founder
Sarah Gore Chief Knowledge Officer and co-founder
Stephen Miller Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Bob Dunigan Financial Director
Bex Martin Tech Team
Richard Shaw Tech Team
Beth Mitchell Knowledge Team
Jon Farmer Knowledge Team
Martin Gosling Business Operations
Lisa Micklethwaite Business Operations
Charlie Kennedy Business Operations
Professor Garth Johnson Chief Research Officer