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The ADL LifeCurve™ is a tool developed by ADL Research and Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing which is used to map age related functional decline. It provides a framework for understanding the most appropriate stage to intervene and which interventions are most effective. As ADL Products are continually updated with this emerging understanding we have the ability to match individuals with the right products, services and advice that can help them slow the rate of age related decline. The LifeCurve™ gives older adults the independence to live better for longer.

The Benefits

  • Provides intelligence-driven routes into services.
  • Mapping helps triage individuals into relevant services.
  • Evidentially measure how local population is ageing.
  • Measure impact of local early intervention and prevention.
  • Use statistical analysis to underpin evidential approaches.
  • Access up-to-date research around age-related decline.
  • Analysis of impact of wide range of public/3rd sector interventions.
LifeCurve graph

Research shows that early intervention and prevention is most effective with those who are in the early stages of age-related functional decline. By using the LifeCurve™, you can meet the requirements of the Care Act with supported assessments that enable you to provide better outcomes and best practice guidance.

The LifeCurve™ is backed by thousands of real-time assessments, a dataset with over 200 areas of need and the continual building of those datasets through our extensive network of Allied Healthcare professionals.

Local authorities can also use the LifeCurve™ to target personalised re-activation, compensatory equipment and care services at specific points in a person's life. The software's features allow you to review services and the impact of your decisions from signposting services and measure the ongoing savings.

Localisation of the ADL LifeCurve™ and Insight

Important Notice

If you wish to use our LifeCurve™ research in your projects or presentations, you must follow our LifeCurve™ branding guidelines:

View the guidelines

Subscribing organisations can opt to localise the outcomes shown by the LifeCurve™, directing members of the public to local schemes, 3rd sector organisations, prevention services, self-assessment and into existing mainstream services. An organisation can target specific services for a period and then adjust if and when their populations’ journeys change.

In addition to this, organisations taking any of the additional expert assessment apps packages, can effectively triage people into these capacity building services such as telephone or clinic assessments, reserving the professional home visits for those in most need.

With 6 monthly review sessions included as part of this package, organisations can understand more about the impact and effectiveness of the interventions chosen, the projected cost savings based on early intervention and analysis of gaps in the current service offering.

Access to Insight:

By default, the data collected from the ADL LifeCurve™ within the platform is accessed only by ADL Smartcare. By purchasing the "Localisation of ADL LifeCurve™ and Insight", not only can the subscribing organisation localise the outcomes but they can access the insight produced. This allows the organisation to see where their population is positioned, what budgets could be needed in the future and how services can be targeted to key groups.

Please note this insight is dependent on the number of people using the service, and where they are, the rate of functional decline etc. Whilst every effort will be made to provide as much useful insight as possible, no specific outcomes can be guaranteed.