• We have a proven solution for early intervention & prevention - Implementing the Care Act
  • The Life Curve provides authorities with an academically robust tool for delivering services and information for an individual's Life Curve
  • The impact of age-related decline CAN be managed, minimised and lessened to care for both your population AND your budget!
  • From the Life Curve to ultra secure content delivered from day one. Partners of ADL Smartcare receive the complete package to support a service with modern systems to cope with demand.

ADL Smartcare is an independent, privately owned company that produces evidence-based decision support systems. These systems have been used for over ten years to help people make informed choices around the selection and use of technology, and to access personalised information and services. We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK, and have a particular focus on helping older people and those who support them.

We have also launched a new scot.adlsmartcare.com for our Scottish customers to continue the ongoing and new relationships with our partners. Please visit the scottish site here .

Latest ADL Smartcare News

  • 23/10/2014: Life Curve, the Age Guard tool launching at NCASC 2014 on stand D22.

    Life Curve, the Age Guard tool launching at NCASC 2014 on stand D22.

    ADL Smartcare Limited are working with authorities around the UK to develop modern systems to support the growing demand on services, and preparing for the introduction of the Care Act 2014. As we spread word of the Life Curve and how it can support individuals in remaining independent, people are starting to appreciate the benefits of the Life Curve.