• We have a proven solution for early intervention & prevention - Implementing the Care Act
  • The Life Curve provides authorities with an academically robust tool for delivering services and information for an individual's Life Curve
  • The impact of age-related decline CAN be managed, minimised and lessened to care for both your population AND your budget!
  • From the Life Curve to ultra secure content delivered from day one. Partners of ADL Smartcare receive the complete package to support a service with modern systems to cope with demand.

ADL Smartcare specialise in helping older people shape the way they age, based on best practice approaches derived from thousands of years of Allied Healthcare Professionals' experience, and the very latest evidence emerging around the way in which people decline with age (not at a particular age).

We have a particular focus on the role of technology, and reaching people early - to enable the most and best choices. The benefits of our approach are that the time in - or receiving expensive full-time care can be significantly reduced, which is what most if not all people would choose for themselves, and which also saves very significant amounts of money. Our framework allows us to evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of different interventions.

We have also launched a new for our Scottish customers to continue the ongoing and new relationships with our partners. Please visit the scottish site here .

Latest ADL Smartcare News

  • 09/02/2015: Data Capture Specialist / Analyst

    Data Capture Specialist / Analyst

    We are in the process of looking for a Data Capture Specialist / Analyst to join our fast growing team here at ADL Smartcare. The role is aimed at someone with a good IT, Engineering or Science degree and willing to expand and develop their knowledge and skills base to fit our developing business activity.