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You can increase or reduce the size of the text by clicking the up or down buttons on the toolbar at the top of the ADL Smartcare website. The text can be increased by up to 3x its original size.

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Click this button to change to a different typeface. There is a choice between serif, sans-serif and comic sans fonts.

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The ADL Smartcare Limited website has a variety of different themes to choose from including a high-contrast colour scheme. You can also view the website in a text-only format.

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The reading ruler is to assist you with reading the website. The ruler will follow the movements of your mouse cursor, covering the space above and below to make it easier to read one line at a time.

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If you double click on a word, you will be able to view its definition from the Macmillan Dictionary. When you double-click on a word, a window opens which lists the different ways a word is used. Pick the most suitable usage and you will be able to read its definition.

If you want to look up words not on this website, you can do this at Macmillan Dictionaries Online.

You also have the option to view the website in a different language. Click on the "Select a language" box and pick a language from the list displayed.

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For blind and visually impaired users we recommend NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), a free "screen reader" application which reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. This tool can be used on a variety of different programmes on your computer - not just your web browser or the Smartcare website.

You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.

Click on the screen reader icon on the tool bar for more information and a link to download the programme on to your computer.

ADL Smartcare logo ADL Smartcare

Experts on shaping age-related decline

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We are trailblazers in the provision of evidence-based data, research, knowledge and intelligence on age-related decline. We like to think we are shaping the future of care.

About us About us

The future of care

We are committed to transforming the lives of the ageing population and enabling key service providers to improve their offers.

We know it is extremely important to understand the process of ageing in order to create better ageing journeys for older adults. ADL Smartcare has studied age-related functional decline using powerful insight from data, research, knowledge and intelligence, combined with studies with some of the world's leading academic institutes.

Background Background

Established in 2002, ADL Smartcare has worked with hundreds of experts in every field across the industry to understand age-related decline, associated medical technologies and the people who use them.

Personal Personal

Our outcomes are customised to the individual user.

Accessible Accessible

Available on ANY device and through other people.

Credible Credible

Built by professionals, underpinned by academic research.

Sectors Sectors

We work across the social care sector, engaging with health and social care professionals, older adults, care-givers and with product manufacturers. We endeavour to ensure our data, software, knowledge and intelligence reach all those involved with issues related to ageing.

Local Authorities / Social Care
The Sheffield Town Hall building

Local Authorities / Social Care

In the UK and many other nations, we have more people living longer and as many will experience varying degrees of functional decline with age, the growth in the need for help is challenging existing services.

A lady smiling whilst holding a rolled up yoga mat


Without the right data and knowledge, it's impossible to know how well our population is ageing. GPs, healthcare organisations and clinical commissioning groups can assist with medical and surgical help, but what can be done about age-related decline?

A person using a tablet device


In the rapidly growing medical technologies market, it's a constant challenge to come up with new and innovative ways to design and manufacture meaningful products that have the potential to transform lives. How do you know you're designing the right product? Every patient has an individual set of needs to be met, which is why it's essential to promote efficiency and innovation in the design and manufacture of medical products.

ADL Research ADL research

ADL Research is part of the ADL Smartcare group of companies. Our insight is led by the highly experienced emeritus professor, Garth Johnson FR Eng. Garth Johnson is renowned for his contributions to the field of bio-mechanics and dedicated involvement in engineering and technologies for the independence of older people.

ADL Research are leaders in the provision of evidence-based data, research, knowledge and intelligence on age-related decline. Our work is helping to understand how people can live better for longer and what they can do about it. We also aim to show how providers can be better at what they do, shape the future of care services and design better products for older adults. ADL Research are transforming how people live their lives.

ADL products ADL Products

As the leading experts in age-related functional decline, ADL Smartcare provides a number of services and technologies to help local authorities, health and social care staff and the older adults or their families monitor and shape the ageing journey.

ADL Products

The ADL platform The ADL Platform

ADL Smartcare have developed a unique web based platform which provides the secure enterprise class delivery of cutting edge services and web apps to one or more subscribing organisations. The structure of the platform enables an organisation to scale their services from ADL Smartcare within a familiar user experience.

Mobile and Tablet Ready

The new platform has been optimised to work on tablets and mobile phones, improving the usability of the website from our previous version, and ensuring the site can be in keeping with the latest technology developments.

Ageing plan

The platform allows an individual to access our web apps for themselves or another user. These apps will be available for as long as the user needs them and they can be easily removed or added by ADL Smartcare. Once added they give the user access to a wealth of expert knowledge assessments or general information (local or national). In addition, a user can access supplier web apps to help with sourcing equipment.

A user can also flag products, advice or assessments for later use to support ease of use and keeping a record of useful/popular content.

The ADL platform on a mobile phone The ADL platform on a tablet device The ADL platform on a desktop pc
Crown Commercial Service Supplier

You can now access our services through the G-Cloud 8 Digital Marketplace.

ADL Smartcare continues its presence on the Digital Marketplace by being awarded a G-Cloud 8 supplier. The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, an initiative from the UK government, is where customers throughout the UK and the Commonwealth can purchase the services we supply. Click on the buttons below for more information.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the "go-to" place for expert commercial and procurement services.

Telephone Telephone apps

Telephone Expert Assessment Apps provide scalable, cost-effective means of assessing members of the public's needs and issuing appropriate solutions using a consistent professional approach. Using the same robust data as our self-help expert assessment apps, staff can perform facilitated assessments over the phone, for a variety of equipment and services.

Self-Help Self-help apps

ADL Smartcare’s self-help expert assessment apps integrate fully with the ADL Platform and the ADL LifeCurve™ to mitigate age-related decline – identifying specific products, services and activities around reactivitation, compensatory approaches (equipment or adaptations), and care options. Built on over 6000 years of professionals' experience, this system minimises risk and avoidable referrals into mainstream services.

Clinics Clinic apps

Clinic Expert Assessment Apps provide scalable, cost-effective means of assessing members of the public's needs and issuing appropriate solutions using a consistent professional approach. Staff can perform facilitated assessments in an office-type environment with secure access to reporting, detailed analysis/understanding of suitability of equipment and services matched is possible.

The ADL LifeCurve™ The ADL LifeCurve

The ADL LifeCurve

What is the LifeCurve?

The ADL LifeCurve™ is an online tool which allows members of the public to objectively measure how they are ageing. It was designed to help the public understand how they can improve their ageing process. It allows individuals to identify approaches, activities, services and products that will help them maintain present levels of independence.

Public access to the ADL LifeCurve™ is included with the ADL Platform. The ADL LifeCurve™ connects seamlessly to the ADL self-help apps.

Subscribing organisations can anonymously map their local population needs for service planning purposes, and local interventions can be mapped to shape the maintenance of independence. This 'localisation' function also provides access to insight, which is based on local and wider bench marking data. Emerging research underpins our data.

LifeCurve™ Benefits:

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