Press release: ADL Smartcare and Project Maslow
28th August 2020

ADL Smartcare is delighted to be able to announce its role in an exciting new collaboration. Project Maslow is a partnership between ADL Smartcare, E.ON, the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, Newcastle University and Invisible Creations®. Its aim is to help older people to stay in their homes longer, retain their independence and stay connected with families. It builds on the work of E.ON’s Warm Homes Fund and will include ADL Smartcare’s expert healthy ageing advice, along with other products and services, such as safe kitchens and bathrooms.

This unique project combines people’s need for a warm, safe environment with the expert advice, products and services that will enable them to stay active and independent for as long as possible. It puts aspiration, dignity, safety and inclusivity at the heart of smart, inter-generational homes. The project will start by targeting people who need the help most, initially in the Midlands.

ADL Smartcare has spent the last 18 years working with experts and professionals, to gather expert knowledge that helps people stay independent for longer and embedding it in easy to use websites and an App. We partner with health and social care authorities, businesses and care providers to deliver that expert knowledge where it is needed. Improving people’s independence not only improves quality of life for them and their families, it also delivers both short and long-term savings on care for health and social care authorities and families themselves.

Our expert advice includes the ADL LifeCurve™. This easy to understand framework allows individuals to see how they are ageing, and provides insight into ageing for our partners. ADL Smartcare has partners across the UK, and is now working internationally helping older people in other parts of the world.

To find out more about ADL Smartcare please email or call +44 (0)800 612 6845.